Traci L.
We had a great experience with this company and would recommend him to anyone needing this type of work.
Tj B.
They can do the bread and butter work, but are also capable of doing higher end applications! You do not get that very often! I think they are fairly priced. -TJ
Jeff D.
They are very knowledgeable on what they do, consulted every step of the way, they kept me involved. Very professional.
Tim S.
He has integrity. He tries to see the customer's side of every situation and he bends over backwards to be fair.
Jean B.
When I bought my home it had not been painted in quite some time and they repainted the whole inside and outside. Cleaned everything and did a lot of prep work before even starting the painting which was included in the price and was very happy with that. The top of the windows outside had not been caulked in some time that they found and let me know so I could get it repaired so it did not get worse.